Quickly empty cache and reload on Google Chrome

If you are a web developer, you are perhaps emptying the cache and reloading every time you want to check if your JavaScript works or if your CSS renders a pretty UI. Well, there is a hidden feature in Google Chrome that allows you to do that in two quick clicks.

You have to open the Developer tools for this to work. to do this, simply hit the F12 key. Then if you right-click on the reload button, a context menu appears with three options : “Normal Reload”, “Hard Reload” and “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”. Click the last option.

Chrome quick empty cache

Too often I see developers look for the clear cache option in Chrome’s settings, losing 1-2 minutes each times. It seems like a tiny amount of time but it can add up to a lot and can easily provoke frustration and anger. I hope this small tip will help you in your Web development journey.